Mass Effect Natural vs Synthetic Lithograph by Andrew Thompson



The natural and synthetic lifeforms come together at the Citadel in the latest artwork created by Andrew Thompson. Bright colors, soft and harsh line contrast and complement each other, melding these two differentiating ways of life into a symphony that is Mass Effect. Andrew beautifully blends artificial and native life into a mesmerizing lithograph.

  •  White Chorus Art Silk Cover
  • Weight:100 lb (148 gsm)

  •  24 in by 18 in (60.96 cm by 45.72 cm)
  •  Edge to edge art

Due to differences between monitor displays, your product may vary from the images shown.

Please note: This lithograph is shipped rolled, in a tube, to reduce the chance of damage during shipping. See below for options to flatten your lithograph.

About the Artist
Andrew Thompson is an award winning illustrator. His work is bright, energetic, and full of emotion. His artistic roots began in the world of screen printing and contemporary pop art, and has begun to shift into what he likes to call "fantasy pop".

Andrew has created work for BioWare, SuperMassive Games, Boom!, Lucasfilm, Bethesda Games, Mondo, Sony, Variety Magazine, Bojack Horseman, Reebok, Marvel, and Wizards of the Coast. In that time, I’ve shown my work at Gallery1988, Gallery Nucleus, The GenCon Art Show, Spectrum: Fantastic Art, Dragon Con, and many other conventions across the country. In addition to that, he is also continually developing his own body of personal work while teaching on the side.

You can find more of Andrew work here on his website.

Follow Andrew here:
Instagram: @schmandrewart
Twitter / X: @schmandrewart
Twitch: schmandrewart

To flatten your lithograph, the following measures may be taken.

Option 1
Unroll your lithograph and lay it between 2 boards that are larger than the print. Make sure the boards are clean, or sandwich your print between tissue paper. Place heavy items evenly across the top of the boards. Leave as long as needed to flatten the print.

Option 2
You can lightly iron your lithograph on a flat and heat-resistant surface. Set your iron to the lightest setting first. You must place either a pressing cloth or towel between the iron and the print. Otherwise, you will burn your print. It is advised that you have the print face down when ironing. Gently press your iron on the cloth and print, moving back and forth only on the cloth until the area is flat. Do this across the entire print. If you feel the iron is not hot enough, gently increase the temperature until the desired effect is achieved.

Option 3:
Take your lithograph to a professional framer and have them flatten and frame your print.

Mass Effect Natural vs Synthetic Lithograph by Andrew Thompson


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