Mass Effect Shepard Morality Keychain

$15.00 USD


  • Mass Effect Shepard Morality Keychain
  • Materials
    • Material: Zinc alloy with soft enamel
  • Measurements
    • Shepard Charm: 0.95 x 1.57 in (5.1cm x 4.0cm x 2mm) 
    • 2-sided Morality Charm: 0.94 in (2.4cm) diameter x 2mm (thickness)
    • Keyring: 1.18 in (3cm) diameter

A rogue renegade or a valiant warrior, call Commander Shepard whatever you want, Shepard plays a significant role in altering the fate of the galaxy and its countless inhabitants. Whether it’s the unhealed scars and the bright orange eyes or the cynical expression, the N7 Helmet is a befitting war helm that even the most distant inhabitants of the galaxy will come to fear (and respect).


“It's hard enough fighting a war. But it's worse knowing no matter how hard you try, you can't save them all.”

No matter the decision Shepard makes, whether it’s ultimately saving the Geth from a long-fought battle against the Quarians, curing the Genophage, or leaving the Council to their fate, the N7 helmet stays.

This keychain duo features the N7 helmet and the morality symbol of a renegade. Apart from the function of organizing your keys and bunching them up in a true Spectre fashion, this keychain is a great way of showing fellow paragons who is boss (not to mention the off-chance reaper that you may run into).

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Mass Effect Shepard Morality Keychain

$15.00 USD

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