Mass Effect Morality Reversible Beanie

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  • Reversible Knitted Beanie
    • Can be worn in 2 ways
    • Blue side with printed Paragon symbol
    • Red side with printed Renegade symbol
    • Black band around the bottom
    • Woven N7 logo tag at the bottom
  • Length: 8.25 in (209.55 mm)
  • Circumference: 16.5 in (419.1 mm)
  • Material: 100% Acrylic Yarn
    • Hand wash only
    • Lay flat to dry
  • Colors may vary due to monitor display difference.


N7 Logo Beanie & Pin Bundle

Mass Effect Morality Stud Earrings

Paragon / Renegade Patch Set


Paragon or Renegade? Switching between your two natures shouldn’t at all be difficult. In fact, it’s as easy as turning your Mass Effect Morality Reversible Beanie inside-out.

Are you having a Renegade Monday or a relaxing Paragon weekend? Are you the sort to stick to the same values, or are you somewhat unpredictable? Can you convincingly carry yourself like a Paragon when you’re feeling very Renegade indeed? How about vice versa? Let your style match your mood with this 2-way knitted headwear, inspired by the moral alignments in the Mass Effect trilogy.

This accessory is a cool and casual way to add some of Commander Shepard’s personality to your looks. To show your place in the Systems Alliance navy, it bears a black band all around the bottom with a woven N7 logo tag.

The blue side bears the Paragon wing, while the red side bears the Renegade star. So if you’re not sure which way you’re leaning, you can always just go with what makes the most sense for your outfit’s color palette. That’s the beauty of having two garments in one!


Mass Effect Video Game Merch

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Mass Effect Morality Reversible Beanie

€9,47 €18,96

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€9,47 €18,96