N7 Plush Pillow

€12,24 €18,84

The space soldier life sure has made you tough. Embrace your soft side with your Mass Effect N7 Plush Pillow!


  • Fabric:¬†Super soft Velboa
  • Stuffing:¬†Polyester
  • Size:¬†6 x 14 x ~4 in (2.54 x 35.56 x ~10.16 cm)
  • Features the N7 logo


For all its wonders and beauty, the Milky Way can still be an unforgiving place. Between the grueling training and the life-threatening missions, can be tough out there for an N7 soldier.

In our incredible and exhilarating ride across the stars, we find comfort in each other’s company. And a few plushies wouldn’t hurt, either!

Hold your N7 status close enough to hug! This pillow is the N7 logo in plush form. It’s soft inside and out and just the right size to cuddle.

Feel yourself drift into a good night’s sleep against its velboa surface. This velvety-soft material is highly durable, too.

During the day, when you’re busy exploring and fighting in alien worlds, the N7 Plush Pillow can double as decoration, right beside your other Mass Effect Plushies.


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  • Mass Effect homeware:¬†Decoration / Home Accessory

N7 Plush Pillow

€12,24 €18,84

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€12,24 €18,84