Solas: The Hierophant, Tarot Card Statue



Official Dragon Age Solas Tarot Card Statue

  • Officially-licensed by BioWare
  • Limited to 1100 pieces
  • Each tarot card statue is individually numbered

Included in the box:

  • Solas: The Hierophant, Tarot Card Statue
  • Certification of Authentication
  • The Solas Hierophant Tarot Card


  • Made using polyresin
  • Each statue is individually hand-painted

Weight and Dimensions:

  • Weight: 35.28 oz


  • Height: 5.7 in (145 mm) including mast
  • Width: 6.1 in (155 mm)
  • Depth: 8.19 in (208 mm)

Tarot Card

  • Length: 4.72 in (120 mm)
  • Width: 2.76 in (70 mm)


  • Includes tarot card with gold-leaf etching
  • Created by Development Plus Merchandising Inc


A trusted companion, a heretic, a lover, whatever you consider Solas, his great power and immense wisdom cannot be ignored. An elven apostate and hedge mage (though he would refuse such arbitrary titles), he has a passion for all things related to the Fade that keeps him apart from other elves on his wanderings.

His yearning for knowledge and deep connection to the Fade have taken him to ancient ruins far beyond where most people in Thedas have ever ventured.

Solas’s depiction as the tarot’s Hierophant speaks to his advisory relationship, with the Inquisitor, and as such, he offers signs of good days ahead— a thriving association and, for the female elven Inquisitor an abundance of love.

Made using polyresin, this statue is a representation of the Hierophant romance tarot card from Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is intricately detailed with accurate features, colors, and outfit, as well as his signature staff, and the calm expression that you’d expect from Solas. We have added the wonderful lithograph tarot card designed by Ramil Sunga, Concept Director/Concept Lead at BioWare. Together, this statue and card duo promise to take you through the vivid world of Thedas and the mysterious realm of the Fade, as Solas sets out on yet another one of his dreamy journeys.

Grab your limited-edition tarot card and statue set from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Available only at the BioWare Gear Store.


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    Solas: The Hierophant, Tarot Card Statue


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