Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Watch

$32.50 USD $65.00 USD

Congratulations on your successful acceptance into the Andromeda Initiative. This journey is a major milestone for all of humanity, as well as every other species in the Milky Way galaxy. You are about to embark on a voyage unlike anything attempted before. Commemorate it with your Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Watch!


  • Design
    • Analog wrist watch
    • Andromeda Initiative logo on face
    • U-buckle
    • Grooved texture behind hour markers
  • Measurements
    • Band:22mm lug (26mm shoulder)
    • Case Diameter:41 mm
    • Case Thickness: 10 mm
  • Materials
    • Bezel: Alloy
    • Buckle: Alloy
    • Crystal: Scratch resistant mineral glass
    • Band: Blue Polyurethane with Leather backing
  • Water Resistant: 30 Meters
  • Movement: Miyota 2035 
  • Battery: SR920SW
  • This pre-order item will be ready to ship in October 2021.


It must be disorienting to wake up from 600 years of sleep. Sure, you could ask your AI implant for help. But it’d sure be nice to keep a few things old-fashioned. Like wearing a stylish accessory that also happens to tell you the time.

All blue except for its white and metal accents, this wristwatch keeps it sleek but shows a lot of personality. It bears the logo of the Andromeda Initiative on its face, aligning the thin circle around the Tempest with a white arrowhead on the second hand. It’s really the thoughtful little details that makes this piece really special—in addition to the fact that it celebrates your part in a major milestone for all species in the Milky Way.


Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Accessories: Wrist Watch

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    Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Watch

    $32.50 USD $65.00 USD

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