Omni-Blade LED Acrylic Light

$14.99 USD $28.00 USD

Brighten up your desk or display shelf with the soft glow of the Mass Effect Omni-Blade LED Acrylic Light.


  • Approx. 10.5 in (26.67 cm) tall
  • Omni Blade Acrylic Plate and Base
  • Male and Female Shepard shown on custom box art
  • LED light powered by:
    • USB (included) or
    • 3x AA batteries (not included)


This acrylic lamp takes the design of Mass Effect's Omni-Blade without the dangers that come with the melee weapon. What looks like a searing, futuristic dagger suspended in a mass effect field is actually an elegantly crafted and die-cut acrylic plate.

The design takes the style of a clean line art illuminated with an LED light on the base. This creates a soft glow. It looks especially good in the dark when the clear acrylic fades from view.

At 10 inches tall, it commands attention even when turned off, and looks somewhat like a trophy for all your interstellar achievements.

You can power it with the included USB wire or you can grab 3 AA batteries for a cleaner, wireless look.


  • Mass Effect Home and Office Accessory / Decor: Light

Omni-Blade LED Acrylic Light

$14.99 USD $28.00 USD

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