Commander Shepard Collectible Coin

Commander Shepard Collectible Coin

Commemorate your life, death, and revival aboard the Normandy SR1 and SR2 with your this rare collectible coin.


  • Limited production
  • Edition size: 500
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Antique silver finish
  • Embossed on 2 sides in honor of Commander Shepard and his/her two ships

Side 1

  • Center: Alliance logo
  • Perimeter: “SSV Normandy SR1 • 2183 • Commander Shepard”

Side 2

  • Center: Cerberus logo
  • Perimeter: “Cerberus Normandy SR2 • 2185 • Commander Shepard”


  • Diameter: 2 in (50.8 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.12 in (3mm)


  • Comes in a square display case
  • Cover features Mass Effect artwork starring the female Shepard
  • Coin sits in a protective felt insert


Your Commander Shepard Collectible Coin honors your distinguished service in the Systems Alliance forces, and your extraordinary contributions to the advancement of humanity’s place in the galaxy.

One face, with the Systems Alliance insignia, represents your spacefaring missions aboard the SSV Normandy SR1.

The other bears the symbol of Cerberus, representing your time in the Normandy’s “successor.”

Each proudly displays the respective full title of the ship, the year it was commissioned, and the renowned name, “Commander Shepard.”

All 500 pieces of this limited production collectible are sequentially numbered and come in protective display cases designed with Mass Effect artwork.

Keep it in your shelf or pocket to fondly remember your adventures across the galaxy.


  • Mass Effect collectible coin
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