Dragon Age: Cast of Thousands Puzzle

$20.00 USD

Reacquaint yourself with each budding romance, snarky companion, or menacing miscreant in this jam-packed 1,000-piece puzzle.


  • 1,000-piece puzzle featuring the cast of the Dragon Age games
  • Dimensions: 27 x 20 in (68.58 x 50.8 cm)


The rich world of Dragon Age is home to a diverse cast of characters who reflect the culture, history, and conflicts that have shaped Thedas and your experience of the game. Every face has a story to tell.

Can you spot your favorite? Piece it all together in this large and beautiful puzzle.

Here you’ll find all sorts of creed and race. Humans, Qunari, Elves, Dwarves, Fex, Kossith, Darkspawn, Firesprites, and Scaled Ones...friend, foe and everyone in between.

Merchants, heroes, magisters, heretics, apostates, and more all form the fabric a complex and captivating story that you can fondly recall with every piece you put into place.

Spend a peaceful but challenging time with these beloved (or reviled) characters, brought to life by the gorgeous art of Nick Thornborrow.

When completed, the puzzle measures a whopping 27 inches wide and 20 inches tall. Will you put yours back in the box, or in a picture frame?


  • Dragon Age art: Puzzle


Dragon Age: Cast of Thousands Puzzle

$20.00 USD

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