Dragon Age Coaster Set

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“You have to admit, the 'fake your own death, travel through time, rescue your allies' trick is a classic."

The 6 Heraldry arms on these coasters represent the different groups and organizations across Thedas that you can align yourself with. If you identify yourself as a follower of the Chant of Light and Andraste’s teachings, then the Orlesian Chantry will probably be the crest sewn into your armor or the talisman hung on your chain. For those who consider the Orlesian Chantry as the higher-order, you may consider the Circle of Magi as an organization to be a part of, or maybe even a Gray Warden Heraldry for destroyers of darkspawns.

And for the inquisitor who loves to decorate, the hallowed main hall of Skyhold and its facade serves as a space for displaying your colorful collection of heraldry from all of Thedas. This coaster set with the printed symbols is colorful with a smooth yet grippy top. The print instantly recognizes your guests and yourself as a loyal patron of the emblem.

A transparent anti-skid back ensures that your beverage of choice, be it those signature Dragon Age cocktails or a regular cup of joe, does not slip and mess up your table.


Official Dragon Age Coaster Set

  • Officially-licensed by BioWare
  • Set of 6 coasters
  • Makes a great gift for Dragon Age and coffee lovers

Set of 6 coasters featuring Dragon Age: Inquisition heraldry symbols

  • Grey Wardens
  • Chantry
  • Circle of Magi
  • Templar of Order
  • Seekers of Truth
  • Inquisition

Premium table coasters

  • Material: Acrylic top over design on paper
  • Transparent anti-skid feet
  • Size: 4 x 4 inch square (10.16 x 10.16 cm)

Due to differences between monitor displays, your coasters may vary from the images shown.

Dragon Age Coaster Set

$30.00 USD


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$30.00 USD