Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises Lithograph

Dragon Age: Dread Wolf Rises Lithograph


The tale of Fen’Harel is a long and sordid one. Depending on who you ask, the Dread Wolf was either a selfish trickster or a tragic rebel.

But what isn’t up to opinion is the anguish he has sparked. Millennia after he acted against the other gods, the elves are still reeling from its effects.

Honor the elven god of betrayal with the limited edition the Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Dread Wolf Rises Lithograph!


  • Limited Edition of only 600
  • Individually numbered
  • Measurements
    • Width: 36 in (91.44 cm)
    • Height: 20 in (50.8 cm)


Although his name is used as an insult or a curse, precious little is known about the Dread Wolf. He appears in portraits, statues, fables, and other such depictions—none of which reveal as much as this painting.

This large lithographic print shows a shadowy beast facing off against a mage. Between them is the lyrium idol surrounded by concentric circles with gold foil details. Everything around them is engulfed in fire.

Be among the few to keep and display this work of art. Hang it on your wall and let the story of Fen’Harel fill the room.


  • Dragon Age Art: Lithograph
  • Paper: 100# Chorus Art Cover
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.
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