Dragon Age First Day of Summer Lithograph

$45.00 USD


Official Dragon Age First Day Of Summer Lithograph

  • Original lithograph limited to 400 pieces
  • Each lithograph is numbered
  • Artwork depicting the first day of summer
  • Full bleed print
  • Material: 100# white chorus art silk/matte aqueous coating
  • Size: 24” x 18”
    • Volta Artist = Marion Kivits
    • Volta Art Director = Stéphanie Bouchard


Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing the inquisition together, laughing, and enjoying some much-needed solace. The nostalgia of days gone by, of summers that began, and memories that were left behind. This Dragon Age Lithograph captures the inquisitors playing a round of Wicked Grace, with some visibly doing worse than the others. While the Iron Bull furrows his brows and sighs in disappointment, you see Leliana perhaps gauging the deck with Blackwall chortles at the back. Solas and Dorian Pavus seemed too lost in their afternoon reverie and the company of the Warden’s war hound, or was that the effect of a freshly brewed cold one?

And while Varric Tethras throws his hand in annoyance, your eyes begin to truly appreciate this gorgeous masterpiece for the brilliant story that it tells. The lush foliage, the rays of sun escaping between the trees, the colorful buntings, and an air of glee; are all captured beautifully by the artist.

Let the inquisitors accompany you on your everyday quests as they hang on your wall, welcoming you to join them in their First Day celebrations.

Due to differences between monitor displays, your canvas print may vary from the images shown.

    Please Note: This lithograph is shipped rolled, in a tube, to reduce the chance of damage during shipping. See the bottom of the description for options to flatten your lithograph.


    To flatten your lithograph, the following measures may be taken.

    Option 1

    Unroll your lithograph and lay it between 2 boards that are larger than the print. Make sure the boards are clean or sandwich your print between tissue paper. Place heavy items evenly across the top of the boards. Leave as long needed to flatten the print.

    Option 2

    You can lightly iron your lithograph on a flat and heat resistant surface. Set your iron to the lightest setting first. You must place either a pressing cloth or towel between the iron and the print. Otherwise, you will burn your print. It is advised that you have the print face down when ironing. Gently press your iron on the cloth and print, moving back and forth only on the cloth until the area is flat. Do this across the entire print. If you feel the iron is not hot enough gently increase the temperature until the desired effect is achieved.

    Option 3

    Take your print to a professional framing service and have them frame or mount it on a board.

    The BioWare Gear Store will not be held liable if you damage your print using the above methods. These are merely options to help you get the most out of your lithograph.

    Dragon Age First Day of Summer Lithograph

    $45.00 USD


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    $45.00 USD