Dragon Age Kitchen Towel Set

$15.00 USD

The cheese of sorrow and ham of despair are great reminders of how most Orlesian parties end. Clean up with the Dragon Age Kitchen Towel Set, after a night of infamy. 


  • Set of 2 Printed Kitchen Towels
    • “This Cheese Tastes of Sorrow”
    • “This Ham Tastes of Despair”
  • Easy to hang
    • Twill tape on the upper right corner
  • Large
    • 15 x 24 in (381 x 609.6 mm)
  • Soft
    • 100% Cotton 
    • 190 gsm
    • To make these towels more absorbent, wash them first in cold water and then tumble dry low.


The Dragon Age Kitchen Towel Set has 2 kitchen towels to help clean up after your infamous Orlesian dinner parties. 

The Taste of Sorrow

This towel is great for cleaning up spills. The cheese on the other hand is questionable. Just remember the writing in Redcliff “Don’t eat the cheese.”

The Taste of Despair

As Dorian put it, the Orlesian ham tastes of despair. Especially after a night of treachery and murder. While you may not have had any despair at your party, this towel still comes in handy when drying off the dishes, like the Dragon Age: Inquisition Heat Changing Mug.


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Dragon Age Kitchen Towel Set

$15.00 USD

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