Iron Bull: Wheel of Fortune Tarot Statue #1

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Who are you? What do you believe? Whose lives will you protect? The demands of the Qun have given The Iron Bull no escape from these questions. With your help, Inquisitor, he must choose between one of two tragedies and live with his guilt and the grief he will be forced to inflict.

Honor the fallen at Storm Coast with your Dragon Age Iron Bull: Wheel of Fortune Tarot Statue!


  • Limited Edition
    • Only 2,500 pieces
    • Individually-numbered
    • With Certificate of Authenticity
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Includes Tarot Card with gold edging
  • Detachable horn and spear
  • Dimensions
    • Statue
      • Height: 9.93 in (252.22 mm) including spear
      • Width: 8.02 in (203.71 mm)
      • Depth: 7.99 in (202.95 mm)
  • Tarot Card
    • Length: 4.72 in (120 mm)
    • Width: 2.76 in (70 mm)
  • Product may vary due to difference in monitor display and production process.
  • Because of shipping restrictions, this item is not eligible for free shipping.


Be among the few to keep this three-dimensional reimagining of the Wheel of Fortune tarot card from Dragon Age: Inquisition. It features The Iron Bull burying his face in a hand bloodied by guilt.

He is surrounded by remains that echo his form: a head with horns and a hand holding a dagger shaped like the spear resting on his shoulder. In his left hand, he holds the horn that sounded their death knell in exchange for a few lives.

If you want to admire and collect the original in-game art that this statue was based on, look no further than the Wheel of Fortune tarot card it comes with. To make the card even more special, we gilded its edges with a beautiful gold finish.

Watch the video above to see a full turnaround of the statue and view this poignant scene from previously unseen perspectives. But remember not to dwell on despair, Inquisitor. Though the Wheel of Fortune portrays The Iron Bull mired in deep sorrow, it also foretells that good things are to come.


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  • Collectible: Statue

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    Iron Bull: Wheel of Fortune Tarot Statue #1

    $69.99 USD $115.00 USD

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    $69.99 USD $115.00 USD