Legendary Triptych Oversized Mouse Pad

$30.00 USD

Personalize your desk and improve your mousing experience with the stuff of legends. Introducing the Mass Effect Legendary Triptych Oversized Mouse Pad!


  • Mass Effect Triptych Artwork
    • Featuring three panels, each representing one game in the Mass Effect trilogy
    • Together, they form a single image representing Commander Shepard‚Äôs complete story
  • Size
    • Width: 28.75 in (2.4 ft or 73.03 cm)
    • Height: 15.75 in (1.31 40.01 cm)
  • Rubber base
  • Twill top
  • Clean finish stitching


This beautiful artwork from Mass Effect Legendary Edition is divided into three panels, one for every game in the trilogy. Together, they tell your story as Commander Shepard.

It's hard to fit this galaxy-spanning hero's journey in a regular mouse pad. So we made this one really big. It's just over 28 inches wide and 15 inches tall, giving you a satisfyingly large area to glide your mouse over. With this, you wouldn't have to pick your mouse up so often just to keep it on the pad.

Its twill fabric surface is smooth and provides just the right amount of friction for accuracy and ease of movement. While the underside is made of rubber to keep the mouse pad firmly in place.

Care Instructions: When you receive your mousepad, please unfold and lay flat and allow up to 72 hours for the creases to release. If you would like a quicker solution, please lay the mousepad flat and cover with a cotton cloth, please press with a warm iron only.


Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Home & Office: Mousepad
  • Shipping Weight: 19.1 oz (541.48 g)

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Legendary Triptych Oversized Mouse Pad

$30.00 USD

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$30.00 USD