Light Up Omni Blade Replica

$31.99 USD $59.99 USD

Mass Effect Light Up Omni-Blade Replica

Husks don’t stand a chance when you’re wearing the Omni-Blade on your arm. In the thick of close quarter combat, this searing-hot weapon is all you really need. But with looks that could kill, you don’t even have to stab with it. Are you ready to wield this gorgeous weapon?


  • Mass Effect Light Up Omni-Blade Replica
  • Based on the original ThinkGeek Omni-Blade Replica by Development Plus, Inc.
  • Upgraded with LED Lights
  • Life-Sized & Wearable
  • Includes locking mechanism for displaying, or securing the blade along the arm
  • Measurements
    • Closed: Approx. 13.8 in (35.05 cm)
    • Open: Approx. 20.4 in (51.82 cm)
    • Adjustable arm strap: 4.72-7.48 in (120-190 mm)
  • Material: Durable & transparent ABS plastic
  • Requires Batteries
    • 3x AAA batteries (Not included.)
  • On / Off switch
  • Includes a display stand
  • Comes in a full-color printed box

This replica is based on the one we released back in 2017, but upgraded with LED lights so that you can have more fun playing with it or displaying it. Despite the upgrade, the retail price of this new version is the same as the old one.

If you wanted to dress up like Commander Shepard or Pathfinder Ryder, you can just grab this easy and accurate prop, and you’ll have more time to perfect your costume and character. But we have a feeling that you don’t really have to be a cosplayer to want it on your arm. 

Because it’s powered by 3 AAA batteries, you can put it on and get moving without being tethered to a power source. You’ll have a blast looking at your Light Up Omni-Blade as you freely swing it around.

When you’re not wearing it, you can dock it on its display stand to keep it safe and secure. Pick a prominent spot in your game room or wherever you show off your collection. It will have no problem standing out. Even amongst other collectibles. Even in the dark.

You could even use it as mood lighting to give your room a Mass Effect ambience. Together with its transparent material, its beautiful glow really enhances the illusion that it’s part-hologram like its in-game counterpart. 

Switch it on at night to lull yourself into dreams of exploring the galaxy—and destroying husks that get in your personal space!

    Light Up Omni Blade Replica

    $31.99 USD $59.99 USD


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    $31.99 USD $59.99 USD