Mass Effect Blue Suns Hat

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  • Classic unisex baseball hat
  • A great addition to sports jackets and hoodies

Official Mass Effect Blue Suns Hat

  • 3D embroidered sun logo on the front
  • “Blue Suns” embroidered at the back
  • Contrasting white bill
  • Contrast-colored eyelets and top button

Premium Fabric

  • Material: 100% Cotton Twill with plastic snap back closure


  • Size: 55-58cm head circumference range


For a Blue Suns mercenary (or private security personnel, if that’s what you prefer), no job is too big if the price is right. Operating out of the uncharted space of Skyllian Verge, this band of ruthlessly efficient mercenaries has had its hand on some of the biggest operations in the entire galaxy. Whether it’s recouping Shepard’s body on Alchera or trying to stop Subject Zero’s rampage on Cerberus, every job is done with tact, precision, and forethought. Blue Suns bow down to nobody, pledge allegiance to no organization, and succumb to no ideals—money is the only beacon that drives these outlaws.

Pay tribute to your crew with this Mass Effect Blue Suns Hat. The classic baseball cap design features a 3D embroidered Blue Suns logo on the front panels and the words “BLUE SUNS” embroidered at the back in white. The mix of blue and white colors creates an eye-catching appeal, elevated by the contrasting eyelets and bill. The adjustable snapback ensures a perfect fit for adults of all sizes.

Pair it with complementing-colored tees, trousers, and jackets to complete the look.

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Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Apparel: Cap

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    Mass Effect Blue Suns Hat

    $5.99 USD $22.00 USD

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    $5.99 USD $22.00 USD