Mass Effect Kitchen Towel Set

$15.00 USD

When Kaidan Alenko decides it’s a good idea to cook for you, you better bring the hot sauce and the Mass Effect Kitchen Towel Set to clean up afterwards. 


  • Set of 2 Printed Kitchen Towels
    • N7 Towel
    • Systems Alliance Towel
  • Easy to hang
    • Twill tape on the upper right corner
  • Large
    • 15 x 24 in (381 x 609.6 mm)
  • Soft
    • 100% Cotton 
    • 190 gsm
    • To make these towels more absorbent, wash them first in cold water and then tumble dry low.
    • To prevent bleeding, both towels should be washed with like colors.


You’ve come along way to only be taken out by food poisoning. Once you’ve survived Kaidan’s cooking; make him clean the dishes with these 2 Mass Effect inspired towels. 

N7 Towel

“We have hot sauce, right?” Hot sauce makes everything taste better. Even Kaidan’s cooking, hopefully. 

Systems Alliance

“We have beer, beef and bacon. The foods of my people.” Quite the Canadian delicacy. If you’re going to have beer, better have it in the N7 Pint Glass or N7 Tankard Glass Stein


Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Home & Office: Kitchen Towels

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Mass Effect Kitchen Towel Set

$15.00 USD


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