Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lithograph

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lithograph

The BioWare Gear Store proudly presents the limited edition Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lithograph. Hang this stunning artwork on your wall and let its epic atmosphere fill your room. An OPEN EDITION is now available.


  • Key Art for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster


  • Width: 36 in (3 ft or 91.44 cm)
  • Height: 24 in (2 ft or 60.96 cm)
  • Paper: 100# White McCoy Gloss Cover
  • Special Feature: Mass Effect Legendary Edition logo in silver metallic Ink.

SPECIAL SHIPPING: Please note that because this item ships in a special shipping tube, it can only be purchased on its own.


The key art for the much-awaited Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster is now yours to keep and display. This large lithograph lets you enjoy it in high quality, with rich colors and sharp detail.

At 3 x 2 feet in size, the scale of this lithograph does justice to the scale of its content.

With its realistic but painterly style and limited color palette, it may remind you of a movie poster. The all-star cast includes some of the series’ most beloved companions. Behind them is your character, Commander Shepard, wearing the N7 Helmet.

This beautiful artwork is made even more special by a silver foil-stamped detail on the lower left: the Mass Effect Legendary Edition logo. It comes in a limited edition size of only 600 prints.


  • Mass Effect Art: Print / Lithograph
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.
  • Print Specs
    • Full color print
    • Pantone Matching System 877 Silver Metallic
    • Flood Gloss Aqueous Protective Coating