Mass Effect Magnet Set

$15.00 USD

Set up a little gallery of Mass Effect artworks with this attractive little set.


  • Material:¬†Acrylic
  • Width:¬†2.25 in (5.71 cm)
  • Length:¬†3 in (7.62 cm)

Set of 4 artworks

  • Commander Shepard (Male Version)
  • Illusive Man
  • Citadel Ward Cityscape
  • Commander Shepard (Female Version)


Personalize your locker, categorize your filing drawers, or decorate your fridge with the Mass Effect Magnet Set.

This small collection of miniature artworks includes 4 select scenes from the trilogy—featuring the series’ protagonist Commander Shepard, Cerberus’ Illusive Man, and a lovely view of the Citadel’s cityscape.

Each piece is made of a magnetic base, a full color print, and a thick acrylic top. The latter enhances and protects the prints, and preserves their color and details.

Line them up in a neat row to set up a little exhibit of mini artworks. Or arrange them on a display board or shelf among your other Mass Effect gear. You can also use them to hold up some notes, prints, or other artworks.

The choice to keep them decorative or make them useful is up to you.


  • Mass Effect art:¬†Magnet Set
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.

Mass Effect Magnet Set

$15.00 USD

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$15.00 USD