Mass Effect Symbols Coaster Set

$4.99 USD $15.00 USD

They made your armor, weapons, & combat supplies. Now they can make your coffee breaks feel more special!

The Mass Effect Symbols Coaster Set features 4 emblems representing 4 companies that supply armor, weapons, biotic implants, or starship parts to you, Commander Shepard, and your crew.


  • Set of 4 coasters featuring different logos from private companies in the world of Mass Effect
    • 1x Aldrin Labs
    • 1x Nashan Stellar Dynamics
    • 1x Binary Helix
    • 1x Kassa Fabrication
  • Materials
    • Transparent anti-skid feet
    • Paper (Art)
    • Acrylic (Top)  
  • Size: 4 x 4 in (10.16 x 10.16 cm)
  • Packaging: Box featuring official art of the female Commander Shepard


At 4 x 4 inches apiece, these coasters give you plenty of room to fit most of your drinkware, and a great view of their artworks—whether you view them up close or from afar.

Their tops are made of clear acrylic that protect the art and enhance their appearance. Underneath, they have transparent feet that protect your table or countertop from scratches. These also keep the coasters from skidding.

When not in use, your Mass Effect Symbols Coaster Set can double as great display items.


  • Mass Effect Video Game Merch
    • Home & Office: Coasters
  • Shipping Weight: 7.8 oz (221.13 g)

Mass Effect Symbols Coaster Set

$4.99 USD $15.00 USD


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$4.99 USD $15.00 USD