Mass Effect: The Complete Comics

$40.00 USD

The champions of BioWare's award winning series embark on thrilling interstellar expeditions through alien war and existential crisis, struggling for peace and fighting for the right to survive.

Collect all of the Mass Effect comic book series in one comprehensive format with the Mass Effect: The Complete Comics.

These stories enrich and expand the Mass Effect universe, and give you more layers and perspectives to explore.


  • Size: 6.6 x 10.2 in (16.76 x 25.91 cm)
  • Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
  • Pages: 800
  • Paperback


Mass Effect: Redemption #1–4

Join Liara T’Soni as she teams up with the Drell Feron to recover the body of Commander Shepard from the Shadow Broker.

Mass Effect: Evolution #1–4

Uncover the origins of the Illusive Man in an epic tale of betrayal and discovery.

Mass Effect: Invasion #1–4

Witness Aria T’Loak defend the space station Omega from Cerberus forces.

Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1–4

Get to know the stories of your squad members James, Tali, Garrus, and Liara.

Mass Effect: Foundation #1–13

Explore the backstories of the internal conflicts at Cerberus and the lives of the agents who serve it.

Mass Effect: Discovery #1–4

Follow Turian soldier Tiran Kandros in his dangerous mission to infiltrate the Andromeda Initiative.


Mass Effect: The Complete Comics

$40.00 USD


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