Mass Effect: Weapons Metal Print


Show off your firepower with the Mass Effect Weapons Metal Print!


  • Limited production of only 200 pieces!
  • Individually numbered
  • Created by Chrome Domz, LLC


  • Width: 18 in (1.5 ft or 45.72 cm)
  • Length: 24 in (2 ft or 60.96 cm)
  • Aluminum backing
  • Ready to hang

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Can be cleaned with anything used on glass, along with a soft cloth


from all around the galaxy! Neatly organized into the 6 categories - heavy, sniper, assault, shotgun, submachine gun, and pistol - this metal print collects some of the Mass Effect trilogy’s best firearms.

Among them are the rare M-7 Lancer and the destructive and mysterious Collector Particle Beam.

At 1.5 x 2 feet in size, this metal sign allows for crisp details in the print, which stands out nicely against the sheen of the metal. See the weapons side by side and easily compare their differences in scale and design.

Every corner bears either a renegade or paragon symbol. And an outline of the omni-tool serves as a background to this formidable display.

This piece of art was produced in a limited quantity of only 200, each with an individual number.


  • Mass Effect art: Metal sign home decor

Mass Effect: Weapons Metal Print


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