Mass Effect Whiskey Stones

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Chora’s Den, Afterlife Lounge, or your private cabin. When sipping on an ice-cold beverage, drink in style with the Mass Effect Whiskey Stones.



Set of 12 Mass Effect whiskey stones

  • 6 Etched Designs; 2 of each
    • N7 logo
    • Paragon symbol
    • Renegade symbol
    • Paragade symbol
    • Systems Alliance symbol
    • Cerberus symbol


  • Cube measurements: 1.06 in3 (27 mm3)
  • Box Measurements: 4.69 in x 3.62 in x 1.3 in. (119 mm x 92mm x 33 mm)


  • Whiskey Stones: Solid Stainless-steel
  • Box: Paper composite box with printed paper wrap



A good cold drink is hard to come by when they use ice in it. Maybe you prefer your drinks stiffer after a long hard day of saving the galaxy time and again. Thankfully, you have your stainless-steel whiskey stones to help you out.

Each box comes with 12 whiskey stones with 6 designs, 2 of each. Pick your favorite to use depending on your mood. Paragon for a happier lighter feel or renegade if you’re feeling a little devious.

Put them in the freezer overnight and by tomorrow morning you’re ready to cool any drink down. Make ice coffee or put it in your orange juice to keep it cool. They won’t water your drink down like ice does. Once you’re done with your drink, rinse and dry your stones off and they’re ready to go back in the freezer. The stainless-steel material keeps them from rusting.



Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Home & Office: Drinkware / Whiskey Stones


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    Mass Effect Whiskey Stones

    $35.00 USD


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