Miranda Infinity Scarf

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  • Mass Effect Miranda Cerberus Sheer Infinity Scarf
    • Printed with the design from Miranda Lawson's bodysuit
    • Features hexagonal pattern, the Cerberus logo, and a wide black stripe between two yellow stripes
  • Versatile
    • Can be styled and worn in many different ways (See below for ideas.)
  • Lightweight
    • Material: 100% Polyester Woven Voile
    • Semi-sheer for an airy feel
    • Great for layering
  • Large
    • Circumference: 73 in (185.43 cm)
    • Width: 35 in (88.9 cm)
    • Hand wash cold with like colors
    • Do not bleach
    • Hang to Dry
    • Cool Iron if Needed



Breathe new life into your looks with the symbols of the Lazarus Project and the woman who made it all happen. The Mass Effect Miranda Infinity Scarf bears the iconic features of Miranda's bodysuit: the Cerberus symbol (which you can wear on the left like she does), the grey-on-white hexagonal pattern, and a touch of black and yellow.

Lightweight and versatile, it makes for a great layering piece that you can wear in different ways. For example:

  • In a Single Loop - Place your head through the scarf and let the scarf mostly hang in front.
  • In a Double Loop - Place your head through the scarf, twist the scarf at halfway point, and place your head through the second loop.
  • As a Hood - Repeat the Double Loop, then take the back top layer and pull over your head. Adjust as needed.
  • As a Shawl - Slip your right arm through the scarf, bring the scarf around back and slip your left arm through the loop. Adjust the scarf to drape over your shoulders.
  • As a Vest - Like The Shawl, minus the draping.
  • As a Sweater Vest - Place the scarf over your head and bring it down to your waist. Twist the scarf to create another loop and slip your head through. Adjust the scarf over your shoulders.


Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Accessory: Infinity Scarf

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Miranda Infinity Scarf

$30.00 USD


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$30.00 USD