N7 System Alliance Gunmetal Class Ring

N7 System Alliance Gunmetal Class Ring

The Interplanetary Combatives Academy is honored to present the N7 Systems Alliance Gunmetal Class Ring. Wear it as a symbol of your pride and prowess as a member of the most elite force in the Milky Way.


  • Design
    • Raised N7 and Systems Alliance Navy logos on round top
    • Systems Alliance logo and the year, ‘2149’ on right shank
    • ‘Systems Alliance’ on left shank
    • Gunmetal Finish
  • Materials
    • Stainless Steel
    • Red Enamel detail
    • Gunmetal Plating


Jewelry can say a lot about the person who wears them. In the case of a class ring, the story is plain to see.

This one tells about your achievement of the N7 designation, the highest honor in the Interplanetary Combatives Training Program. As Commander Shepard, you would go on to reach even greater heights on a galactic scale. But the accomplishment of earning the N7 name is an incomparable honor you can carry for life.

This version of the N7 Class Ring comes in a gunmetal finish, which provides a subdued texture to a rather bold piece of jewelry. If you prefer a polished look, you may find the Sterling Silver option more to your liking.


  • Mass Effect Jewelry: Class Ring
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