Black Spotted Nug Plush

$23.00 USD

Snuffle, Snuffle!

Every day hundreds of nugs are wrangled and eaten in the halls of Orzammar, but you can prevent that fate. Adopt your very own official Dragon Age nug plushie today and make a new home for nature's most humble and lovable mole rat/rabbit...thing.

Product Details

  • Gaming merchandise officially licensed by BioWare and E.A.
  • Plush is 5.5 x 8 x 3 inches.
  • Plush squeaks!
  • Official Dragon Age merchandise.

Greetings Adored Readers!

NugWatch (the only scholarly dispatch all about that most noble of creatures) is here with an incredible update! We recently received news about a colony of Nugs found living on an island off the southern coast of Rivain, in a series of caves north of the city of Llomerryn. Llomerryn (as you’re no doubt aware) currently serves as a port of ill-repute for the Felicisima Armada.

There’s some debate over how this colony of nugs came to be on the island, but we at NugWatch have theorized that some sailors in years past brought them to the island (either as pets or provisions) and lost of track of them, and the Nugs, being the incredibly adorable survivors that they are, have thrived. What isn’t a matter of debate is that, while undeniably cute, this group of Nugs is having a negative effect on the native flora and fauna of the island. Luckily, with the help of a powerful friend from Orlais (and after a series of negotiations with a captain whose name I shan’t transcribe here for the sake of propriety) we were able to secure all of the nugs for transport and adoption to loving homes across Thedas!

It should be stated that there appear to be several minor differences apparent in this colony when compared to the common nug you’re all familiar with. Most notably, the spots on their hind-quarters are considerably darker than on their mainland cousins. Less stark, but no less fascinating, the flesh of their inner-ears appears to be somewhat darker as well, and their overall skin tone seems faintly deeper, too. We haven’t yet been able to figure out the cause of these slight differences (though we suspect being fed off of scraps from the privateers… unique diets has played a role, at least in part.

Regardless, we know it won’t affect that love and affection our readers will show to these delightful companions, and we urge you to look among them and see if there’s one (or perhaps more) you’d like to adopt into your family. Take a look today and help us get all of these lovable little scamps to good homes!

Created By Sanshee

Black Spotted Nug Plush

$23.00 USD


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