Systems Alliance Patch Set

$15.00 USD

Represent planet Earth on the galactic stage by styling your clothes with the Mass Effect Systems Alliance Patch Set!


  • Set of 2 Mass Effect patches
    • Systems Alliance Navy Logo (2.54 x 3 in or 6.45 x 7.62 cm)
    • Systems Alliance Wordmark (4 x 1.58 in or 10.16 x 4.01 cm)
  • Embroidered
  • Iron-On
  • Comes with a full-color backer card


This patch set features the symbols of the Earth’s representative body in Citadel Space, including the insignia of the Systems Alliance Navy and a simple wordmark of the Systems Alliance name.

They’re made with embroidery and have heat-activated adhesive backings. Use them to turn your clothes, cap, or bag into Systems Alliance gear in no time!


  1. Position your patch and bring your iron to a high heat.
  2. Place a pressing cloth or a thin piece of fabric between the patch and your iron.
  3. Press down and hold your iron over the area for about 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat step 3 on the reverse side.

PLEASE NOTE: Different fabrics tolerate different levels of heat. Always follow manufacturer guidelines about applying heat to your garments.


  • Mass Effect Video Game Merch
    • Apparel / Accessories: Patches

Systems Alliance Patch Set

$15.00 USD

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