Tali Infinity Scarf

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  • Mass Effect Tali‚ÄôZorah convertible infinity scarf with snap closures
    • Voile patterned scarf
    • Featuring the design from Tali‚ÄôZorah nar Rayya‚Äôs outfits
  • Versatile & Convertible
    • With 7 snap closures to let you switch between an infinity scarf (closed loop) and a traditional scarf
    • Can be styled and worn in many different ways (See below for ideas.)
  • Lightweight
    • Material: 100% Polyester Woven Voile
    • Semi-sheer for an airy feel
  • Large
    • Circumference: 73 in (185.43 cm)
    • Width: 35 in (88.9 cm)
    • Hand wash cold with like colors
    • Do not bleach
    • Hang to Dry
    • Cool Iron if Needed


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Miranda Infinity Scarf


The Mass Effect Tali Infinity Scarf gives you many ways to adorn your outfits with your Quarian companion’s enviro-suit pattern:

  • As an Infinity Scarf (with closures buttoned up)
    • The Single Loop, for an effortless style ‚Äî Place your head through the scarf and let the scarf mostly hang in front.
    • The Double Loop, for a subtle twist ‚Äî Place your head through the scarf, twist the scarf at halfway point, and place your head through the second loop.
    • The Hood, to really channel Tali‚Äôs style ‚Äî Repeat Double Loop, then take the back top layer and pull over your head. Adjust as needed.
  • As a Traditional Scarf (with closures undone)
    • The Single Wrap, simple and classic ‚Äî Wrap once around your neck and let the two ends hang in front.
    • The Classic Loop, neat and charming ‚Äî Fold your scarf in half, place it behind your neck, bring both ends to the front and pull the loose ends through the loop
    • The Shawl, for extra coverage and a different silhouette ‚Äî Open the scarf up and drape across your shoulders, pull loose ends over arms to the front.
    • The Slouchy Scarf, for a laidback vibe ‚Äî Wrap the scarf loosely around your neck multiple times, then tuck loose ends into the scarf.


Mass Effect Video Game Merch

  • Accessory:¬†Convertible Infinity Scarf

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Tali Infinity Scarf

$9.99 USD $30.00 USD


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