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BioWare Gear Store Ambassador Program

How to join the team, what to expect, and a guide to your success.


What is an ambassador?

A BioWare Gear Store Ambassador is a…

• Brand Advocate

• Content Creator

• Community Influencer

• External Gear Store Team Member


What does an ambassador do?

If selected, Ambassadors can expect to fulfill their role and enjoy exclusive rewards.



Drive traffic to the Gear Store using your unique ambassador url or code

Represent the brand in a professional manner


Be consistent and authentic in your representation of the brand

Uphold the guidelines and principles of the brand

Commission for making sales.


Cash, Gift cards, points and freebie rewards for completing missions.


Top performers will receive missions with early access to products and occasionally free products to show off!


What shouldn’t an ambassador do?

Our goal is to bring together and nurture a caring community of video game fans and gear collectors. You may lose your Ambassadorship if you…

❌ Participate in sexist, racist, or any behavior that alienates or negatively impacts anyone in the community

❌ Game the system with the intent to defraud

❌ Do not drive traffic for a 90-day period 


How can I become an ambassador?


Download the Brandbassador app and submit your application.

Apply Now for the Ambassador Program


Sit back and relax as we review it. We take extra care reviewing applicants submissions and their social channels to ensure you are a good fit for the Ambassador program. Due to this care for choosing the proper Ambassadors, if can take a few days for us to review all the applications.

Pretty simple, right?

How can I improve my chances of being accepted?

Here are a few tips to ensure you have the highest chance of being approved as a Gear Store Ambassador.

  • Be a real fan! Your social channel should sing out your love for the BioWare games and video game inspired merch. 
  • Have a following. While we love all of our fans. Ambassadors need to have an audience. If your social channel only has 10 close friends, please take the time to grow your channel with quality content and grow your audience before applying for an Ambassador role. 
  • Create high quality content for your audience. Ambassadors on fans of a next level. They take the time to create quality content by curating their images, creating captivating videos, and engaging their audiences. The higher quality your channel is, the more engaged your audience will be and the better Ambassador you can be (and the more rewards you open yourself to earning!)

What happens if I'm accepted? What’s next?

Not to sound too simplistic, but we’ll send you missions via the Brandbassador app!

Missions are used to provide you with clear directions on the type of actions that make you a great Gear Store Ambassador. They can be as simple as asking you to do simple actions like retweet a post or more intensive actions that require you to create content (like images or videos). Every Mission has a reward that is received after you have completed the mission and your actions have been approved by our Community team. Rewards can include cash rewards, gift cards, Ambassador points, freebies, etc. We tailor the reward to try and match the effort required to complete the mission.



This program is not available to employees of DPI Merchandising, Inc., BioWare, Electronic Arts, or any related companies, employees, representatives, or the immediate family or household member of an employee.


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