Don't Waste Your Wish

Make Every Wish Count.

Recently, we were chatting with one of our BioWare Gear Store fans and they were inquiring about the little "Hearts" you can find in our navigation and on the product pages. Once we realized this was a bigger subject than answering "What does that heart symbol do?", we decided to write a blog about our WishList feature.

Clicking Hearts

We're pretty sure that most folks assumed that the little hearts would allow you to "favorite" a product on our site, but there is so much more to it than just adding a item to a favorite list.


When you hit that little heart on a product page, you can add the product to a Wishlist. More importantly, you can add the product to a specific list! You see, you can create a list of items that you've got your eye on for a number of different reasons.

  • Gifts - create a list of items that you want to receive as a gift. You can share your list with friends or family around your birthday or the holidays and make sure you get exactly what you want!
  • For Someone Else - Put together a list of items you are considering getting for a friend or family member and then share the list with them to get feedback on your choices.
  • For Yourself - Don't lose track of an item you are trying to keep tabs on. Throw those items in our own Wishlist and then watch as the magic happens. What magic? Read on....

Wishlist Notifications

Once an item is in your Wishlist(s), it does more than look cute hiding in your Wishlist when you go to check on it. In fact, your Wishlist can be extremely helpful!

  • Back in Stock - Any time an item in your Wishlist comes back in stock, we will send you a notification so that you can snag your favorite items while they are available.
  • Low Stock - Maybe you've been dragging your feet picking up a recent release, but don't want to miss out. If you add an item to your Wishlist, we will shoot you note when the inventory starts getting low on a particular item. Please note: the quantity we quote in the email is based on the inventory levels at the time the email was sent only. Depending on how popular the item is, and how many other people have the item in their Wishlist...that quantity may only be accurate for a few minutes!! So, when you get a low stock notice, don't delay if you really want to get it into your cart before they are all gone.
  • Price Drops - Let's be honest, sometimes a killer new product drops when the wallet has more air than currency. When that happens, if can be really useful if your Wishlist kicks you an email when an item in your Wishlist has a price reduction. 

Sharing is Caring

When it comes to gifting, your Wishlist is your best tool to ensure the best gifting ever. Share a wish list that is curated for our family, or a special list for your friends so they know exactly what to get you for your next gifting event.

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