DPI's Over Powered Apparel Line Launching Soon!

Welcome to the OPA! 

There’s regular gamer shirts, then there’s Over Powered Apparel. In this article, we’ll break down how this brand new line of premium clothing earned its name and give you a taste of what’s to come. 

Development Plus Inc. is rolling out its new Over Powered Apparel line in 2022. The OPA apparel line is created exclusively for the gamer who desires to add something special to their wardrobe. If you are looking for a t-shirt that can't be found anywhere else, a hoodie that breaks the mold, or a custom button-down shirt that you can wear to work with pride - then the OPA program might be just what you are looking for.

Leveling Up Your Apparel

Most typical tees and hoodies utilize apparel manufacturers' commonly available "blanks." Those items are bought in bulk and then screen-printed or digitally printed. While that provides a fine piece of apparel, many of our fans said that you wanted something more - something better.

That was the idea that spawned the birth of the OPA product line. Our product and apparel designers did some brainstorming and asked, "What would we want to see in a custom line of clothing?" A whole host of ideas came out of that conversation, and those ideas formed the basis of the OPA line.

Consistent Sizing

One of the most significant issues when using blanks is the inconsistency of the sizing across brands. Because our OPA line of clothing will be custom designed and manufactured, we have substantial control over the sizing and fit of the clothing. For instance, we can make sure a Large tee uses the same sizing information across the entire line - which means you will be able to order with confidence across the OPA line!

Quality Materials

In a recent survey, most of our fans told us they would like to see tees with a higher quality material - more weight, more thread count, etc. We took that to heart, and our first OPA tees will have a lovely soft, medium-weight material that rivals some of the nicest blanks available. 

Attention to detail

When it comes to apparel, attention to detail is all-important. Our apparel designers are diving deep to add those custom touches that make a difference. In the future, we will be releasing tees that have upgraded kinds of cotton, unique wash treatments, upgraded graphics, specialty printing techniques, embroidery, taped seams, and other premium features. Custom buttons, zipper pulls, and other treatments are on the menu for premium touches in our custom-designed and produced shirts and hoodies. 

Coming Soon

DPI will be rolling out our OPA products throughout the year. The first drop on the Gear Store will be our Dragon Age Mage Circle T-Shirt launching on February 23rd.

Dragon Age Mage Circle OPA T-Shirt

The new t-shirt will feature a soft and comfortable 160 gsm material in a 60/40 Cotton/Poly heather blend. The yarn is pre-washed to add an incredible soft-hand feel. We will be using water-based inks - which soak into the material rather than sitting on top of the fabric. The sizing will be consistent with all OPA apparel. On top of all of those great features, this t-shirt will also include a BioWare clip tag on the left sleeve, a custom hangtag, and a special BioWare garment bag with an OPA holo sticker.

Stay in the Know

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