Why It Pays To Subscribe

Did you know that subscribing to the BioWare Gear Store newsletter has a lot of perks? Sure, everyone knows that you can receive emails about product launches, but that is just the beginning....

Win a $25 BioWare Gear Store Gift Certificate

Every month, we randomly draw one name from the Email Subscriber list and ship that person a $25 BioWare Gear Store Gift Certificate. You don't have to enter any giveaways, don't have to remember to fill out a form, or remember some obscure date. All you have to do is be a subscriber to the newsletter! Can it get any simpler than that?

Tailor your Communications

Did you know that you can tailor your communication preferences to receive the most targeted information? Head on over to your communication preferences and let us know what games you play, and what types of information you want to receive in your inbox, and we will try to tailor your emails to fulfill on your desires. To access your Communication Preferences, simply click on the Manage Your Preference link at the bottom of any of the BioWare Newsletter emails.

Exclusive Offers, Promotions and Special Events

Throughout the year our team will let you know about special promotions, offers or events that will be available to the Gear Store fans.

Express Your Opinion

Occasionally, we will reach out to our fans and ask for their feedback on products, and features. You get the chance to tell exactly what you think and give us valuable feedback to help us improve your store experience.

Sneak Peeks

From time to time, the email team gets their hands on images for upcoming product launches and will share them with subscribers to the Newsletter. Get a jump on everyone else and start planning for that next collectible!

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