Mass Effect Nightlife Magnet Set

$22.00 USD


  • Material: Acrylic with magnet back
  • Size
    • Dark Star Lounge - 3”x 1.33” (7.62cm x 3.38cm)
    • Eternity Lounge - 3”x 1.42” (7.62cm x 3.61cm)
    • Club Flux – 3”x 1.81” (7.62cm x 4.6cm)
    • Chora’s Den – 3”x 2.84” (7.62cm x 7.21cm)
    • Afterlife – 3”x 0.96” (7.62cm x 2.44cm)

Set of 5 Magnets

  • The Afterlife Club
  • Chora's Den
  • Eternity
  • Dark Star Lounge
  • Flux


All that inter-galactic warfare can get even the most battle-tested Spectre looking forward to a time off. And what better way to take your mind off warfare than some alien libations and music? Celebrate the galaxy’s coolest nightclubs with this Mass Effect Nightlife Magnet Set.

The set includes all our favorites from the game—The Afterlife Club, Chora’s Den, Eternity, Dark Star, and Flux. With their neon colors and edgy logo, the magnets capture the infectious energy of these clubs, whether it’s in the heart of the Citadel or the vast metropolis of Illium.  Each magnetic piece is filled with acrylic and vibrant details that are resistant to moisture and sunlight.

Add these magnets to your fridge, pegboard, locker door, drawer, or any other metal/magnetic surface to remind you to head out and explore, if not in the streets of the Citadel, on Earth—for the night is still young.


  • Mass Effect Art: Magnet Set
  • Created by Development Plus Merchandising, Inc

Mass Effect Nightlife Magnet Set

$22.00 USD

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