Ambassador Program

BioWare Gear Ambassador Program


How to join the team, what to expect, and a guide to your success.


What is an ambassador?

A BioWare Gear Store Ambassador is a… 

Brand Advocate

Content Creator

Community Influencer

External Gear Store Team Member


What does an ambassador do?

If selected, Ambassadors can expect to fulfill their role and enjoy exclusive rewards.



Drive traffic to the Gear Store using your unique ambassador url

Represent the brand in a professional manner


Be consistent and authentic in your representation of the brand

Uphold the guidelines and principles of the brand

20% off store products in the Ambassador Collection

10% of the order value for referrals

Top producers get a monthly reward (gift card or free sample)


What shouldn’t an ambassador do?

Our goal is to bring together and nurture a caring community of video game fans and gear collectors. You may lose your Ambassadorship if you…

❌ Participate in sexist, racist, or any behavior that alienates or negatively impacts anyone in the community

❌ Game the system with the intent to defraud

❌ Do not drive traffic for a 90-day period


How can I become an ambassador? 


Send in your application.



Sit back as we review it. We’ll be in touch soon to guide you through the next steps.



This program is not available to employees of Development Plus, Inc., BioWare, Electronic Arts, or any related companies, employees, representatives, or the immediate family or household member of an employee.