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We're here to celebrate all things Thedas.

The unofficial world "Dragon Age Day" Celebration will take place on December 4, 2020!

While BioWare celebrates the many hard-working, creative and talented BioWare team members who contributed so much to all three games - the Gear Store wants to join in the fun. We will have a few Dragon Age product launches, a flash sale and a giveaway. Want to learn more...keep reading!

December 3, 2020

Dragon Age: Inquisition Shadow Box


In a foggy landscape where the ground is laced with red lyrium, the Herald of Andraste faces off with a mass of demons pouring in from the sky. Their hand - your hand - reaches upwards, surrounded by a bright green light.

By now this is a familiar scene. But you’ve never seen it like this before. Introducing the Dragon Age Inquisition Shadowbox!

It separates the game’s key art into 4 layers of crystal clear acrylic, printed in superb quality, then arranged within a sleek wooden frame.

The result is a captivating work of art that you’d find yourself staring at from every angle.

Watch it come to life through its literal depth, moving and following your line of sight.

Be among the few to proudly own this masterpiece by ArtoVision. This shadowbox comes in an individually-numbered limited edition of only 200 pieces, each with a Certificate of Authenticity included.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Tee Flash Sale

For one day only - 30% off!


Surround yourself in the watchful gaze of the Maker. The insignia of the Inquisition is printed large and wraps around to slightly reach the back of the shirt.

What breach? We’ve come to expect tears in the Veil. Thankfully, this shirt isn’t cut from the same cloth.

It’s made of a combed and ring-spun cotton, refined to be soft, and durable to keep your Visus sigil good as new for a very long time.

Your enemies will vanish into the Fade, but your Visus print will resist it.

By the way, it’s not just ordinary cotton. It’s softer (combed) and smoother (ring-spun), too.

Comfortable and neither too thick nor too thin, this is a statement and a staple in your wardrobe! So wear it as is, or layer it under a hoodie. It may show off a niche symbol, but it goes well with everything.

This, dear Herald, might just be your new favorite tee

December 4, 2020

Dragon Age: Inquisition Dread Wolf Rises Lithograph


Although his name is spoken with much fear and contempt, precious little is known about the Dread Wolf. He appears in portraits, statues, fables, and other such depictions—none of which reveal as much as this painting.

This large lithographic print shows a shadowy beast facing off against a mage. Between them is the lyrium idol surrounded by concentric circles with gold foil details. Everything around them is engulfed in fire.


Be among the few to keep and display this work of art. Hang it on your wall and let the story of Fen’Harel fill the room.


Dragon Age Inquisition Hoodie


Carry the Inquisition sigil on this simple but fashionable pullover. Its grey print on black fabric keeps the design subtle and tasteful.

Layer it on in the colder months for warmth and comfort, or any other time of the year for an effortless casual look.

It’s made of cotton which keeps it soft, breathable and comfortable; and polyester which adds warmth and durability, and helps retain its size and shape.

Keep your phone and other essential items in its roomy kangaroo pocket. Or use it to keep your hands warm. If you still need to feel toasty, just pull the hood over your head. 

December 5, 2020

Dragon Age: Inquisition Jumbo D20 Plush


Some things you leave to chance. Other things, you do on purpose. This plushie, for example, was deliberately designed to delight players of Dragon Age and tabletop RPGs.

It’s a D20, tabletop gaming’s most iconic die and determiner of your character’s fate—but made absurdly bigger, fluffier, and softer.

But can you actually use it? Each side is supported by a felt backing to help keep their shape. So if the mood really strikes you, can use it to roll a number. It’s as close as a plushie can get to functioning like a real D20, without adding any hard elements.

With its velvety velboa surface and soft filling, what are the odds that you’d still roll yourself some hard luck?

The die is black with numbers as green and bright as The Breach, a color motif that Inquisitors would instantly recognize. The Inquisition’s sigil replaces the number 1.

When not in use, you can display it to add a hint of personality to your couch, bed, or display cabinet. It’s the perfect home accessory for the Thedosian tabletop geek.

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