Mass Effect Challenge Coin 2



  • Embossed on both sides
    • Side A
      • The year 2186 in Roman Numerals (MMCLXXXVI)
      • The Crucible encircled by red enamel
      • Bold text that reads, HONOR THE FALLEN
    • Side B
      • Center circle with Citadel Council Emblem within red enamel
      • Citadel Council emblem is surrounded by the military insignia of 6 different races: Salarian, Turian, Krogan, Quarian, Human, and Asari
  • Size: 2 in (5.08 cm) diameter
  • Materials
    • Zinc Alloy with Antique Pewter Finish
    • Red Soft Enamel Accents
  • Box Specs
    • Black box with white accents inside
    • Coin sits in a velvet-lined display
    • Mass Effect logo on inner lid
    • Satin hinge


Mass Effect Medal of Good Conduct

Mass Effect Medal of Valor

Mass Effect Medal of Honor


The Mass Effect Challenge Coin 2 is a testament to your part in the final war with the Reapers. It celebrates how the species of the Milky Way united against the greatest threat they’d ever known. Above all, it is a heartfelt eulogy for those who fought for a future that they will never see.

One side features the Crucible, a modern construction of an ancient Prothean superweapon designed to stop the Reapers. The opposite side features the Citadel Council Emblem within a red enamel circle. It is surrounded by the symbols of the forces that played a major role in The Great War of 2186: Salarian, Turian, Krogan, Quarian, Human, and Asari. These designs are embossed and engraved on zinc alloy with an antique pewter finish.

Keep it on display in its velvet-lined box or carry it in your pocket to count yourself among those who served in the war that determined the ultimate fate of the galaxy within the Mass Effect trilogy.


Mass Effect Video Game Merchandise

  • Collectible: Great War of 2186 Challenge Coin

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