N7 Sentry Interface Replica

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N7 Sentry Interface Replica

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Swapping your helmet out for a Sentry Interface doesn’t just give you extra shield defense, it also comes with a cool look—one that you could wear for real if we hit this Passion Project’s goal together! Let’s make it happen. 

What is a Passion Project?

Sometimes there are creative projects the product development team dreams up that have a lot of financial risk due to lots of upfront costs for tooling, R&D, engineering, etc. In the past, these projects would never see the light of day due to those risks. Now, the Gear Store gives the fans the power to bring these projects to life by backing our Passion Projects and telling us exactly what is important to you. If you like what you see, then please back our project and make your voice heard.

Our Goal

We need 3,000 orders for the N7 Sentry Interface Replica to move to production.
WE HIT OUR GOAL!! We have ordered a limited number of additional Sentry Interface Replicas. 

Your Role

Think of this as a pre-order. We've already done a significant amount of the R&D and have pre-production samples created (pictured). If we hit our goal, we will start to create the molds and tooling required to go into production. After we get the tooling finished, we will start production and you will get your product. If we don’t fund, you will get your money back 100%.

N7 Sentry Interface price:

$50 USD / piece

Campaign Period:

30 days (November 8-December 7, 2021)

Estimated Ship Date:

September 2022


Early Birds Get Theirs First!

If you’re one of the first 500 to order, you’d get your N7 Sentry Interface Replica 30 days earlier than everyone else. 


Faithful & Detailed

  • Based on in-game 3D asset
  • “Carbon Fiber” texture on headpiece
  • Transparent visor with Sentry System console

Lights Up

  • 4x LED lights (2 on each side)
  • Operated by 2pcs x LR2032 cell button (not included)

 Wearable & Life-Size

  • 1:1 scale
  • Dimensions:19 x 6.74 x 5.73 in (18.26 x 7.12 x 14.55 cm)
  • Comes with adjustable strap
  • Includes 2 nose guards


  • Visor: ABS and Acrylic
  • Nose Guard: Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Strap: Polyester 

More Details

Commander Shepard. Greetings from your favorite store in the Citadel. We recently acquired the design for the N7 Sentry Interface. You know, the one with the glowing blue visor? If enough people want it, we’d be able to produce it and get it to your hands. Do you want one?


This life-size replica is next in line to the Light Up Omni-Blade and the N7 Helmet. It brings to life one of the armor customization options available in Mass Effect 2 & 3.

When you wear it in the game, it helps increase your shield protection by working with software that “optimizes an armor suit's micro-frame computer”. When you wear it in real life, it just serves to look really cool.

It features the N7 logo, a carbon fiber texture on the headpiece, the Sentry System console on the visor, and of course, the blue lights that you can turn on and off.


Wear it to upgrade your cosplay, or to just have fun. It comes with 2 thermoplastic rubber nose guards and an adjustable strap to make it stay comfortably in place on your head.


When you don’t feel like wearing it, it will look equally awesome on display.


The N7 Sentry Interface Replica is the BioWare Gear Store’s 2nd Passion Project, inspired by your love for the games and collectibles that give you much joy.

Ready? Let’s do this!


When can I get my N7 Sentry Interface Replica?

Estimated Ship Date: September 2022

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When do I have to pay?

A full deposit is due at the time of project backing.

What happens if this is not funded in time?

If we don’t reach our goal before the campaign period ends, your payment will be refunded 100%.

Can I cancel my project backing?

You can contact our Customer Support team prior to the end of the campaign to cancel your backing. Once the campaign ends, you cannot cancel your backing.

What should I do if I receive a damaged or defective product?

If your item is damaged or has a manufacturing defect when received, please contact our Customer Support team and they will help you resolve your issue. Please note our Returns & Refunds Policy as they pertain to Limited/Collector’s Edition products.


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      N7 Sentry Interface Replica

      €28,46 €47,44

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      €28,46 €47,44