Q: I can't see my reward account information (only this FAQ), how do I fix that?
A: Typically that condition is caused by your browser. Our system relies on a javascript live feed to display your account information in real time.  That feed can be broken by a few situations:

Q: I redeemed points/used a gift card code and paid the remaining balance with a payment method, why didn’t I receive any Rewards Points for my purchase?
A: Points are not earned for purchases when Rewards Points are redeemed, or gift card codes are used as partial payment.

Q: I can't use my rewards points for a purchase
There can be a couple of reasons for that:

  • You aren't signed in. Please sign into your BioWare Account
  • You don't have enough points. You need to have a minimum of 100 points to make a redemption.
  • If you are still having issues, unrelated to these issues, please contact our Customer Service team for help.

Q: I wrote a review, but it didn't show up. Did you censor my review?
A: We value your feedback - whether good or bad. Most reviews are published automatically, but a few are flagged for moderation before publication. We WILL NOT publish your review (no matter how many stars you give the item) if it contains:

  • Hate speech
  • Derogatory or inappropriate language
  • Contains misinformation
  • Does not relate to the product being reviewed
  • Any other reason that we determine your review is not suited for public display

Q: Can I redeem my reward points using the Shop App?
A: Unfortunately, the Shop App, by Shopify, does not support our rewards program.

Q: I made a review through the on-site app. Why didn't I get any Reward Points?
A: Points are only awarded to certified purchasers. In order to be recognized as a certified purchaser, please use the Review Form that we email to you after your order has been fulfilled. That will confirm your review and award you the review reward points.

Q: I want to upload images/movies of my gear. How do I do that?
A: When you receive the emailed Review Request, you will be given the option to upload an image or video. When you do so, you will also be eligible for reward points for uploading. 

Q: Do my points ever expire?
A: Points expire after a year of inactivity.

Q: How long do I get to retain my Tier Level?
When you gain a tier, you retain that tier for 12 months. If, after 12 months, you have not earned enough points to retain the tier, you are demoted to your eligible tier.

Q: Is it possible to get demoted in tier level for not spending enough points within a certain time period?
A: Redeeming points has no impact on tier level. 

Q: I was reading about the different tiers on the official "Gear Rewards" page. My question is that when it says for example "Earn 500 Points", that literally means I need to earn that many points to reach that tier; you don't need to have that many points currently stored. Am I correct?
A: You need to earn 500 points during the year you attained your current tier level to be eligible for the 500 point tier.. Your VIP level is only affected by the number of points you earn - not by your account balance. So, if you earn 501 points, you will be granted the appropriate VIP level. If you redeem points and drop below 500 points, you do not lose the level you earned.

Q: Why didn't I didn't receive my rewards points for my submission of a photo or video?
A: Our program allows up to 10 photo or video submissions, the 12 months will start the day they you summitted your first review photo or video.