Discounts & Promotions Policy

Discount Promotions

Promotions and Discount Codes are issued and valid for a limited time.

Codes and promotions that are applied after their expiration time are not valid for use and will not be honored.

Development Plus Inc, reserves the right to address issues that arise around the use of discount codes on a case by case basis. If you feel your discount code should have worked. Reach out to Customer Service

Discount Code Rules
  • You may only use one code per transaction.
  • Discount Codes cannot be used for Gift Card Purchased.
  • Discounts will have limitations to the items they apply to explicitly listed or otherwise
  • We do not price match competitor's prices.
  • You cannot combine Discounts.
Common Discount Code Restrictions

Discount codes cannot be used on the following items. This list is not all encompassing or inclusive. 

  • Video Games
  • Collector's Editions
  • Pre-order Items 
  • Sale Items

If for whatever reason we discover a promotion or discount has been applied in error Development Plus Inc, reserves the right to correct and not honor these errors. Please See our ERRORS policy in our Terms of Use.


Discount and Promotion FAQs

Q: I bought an item and it went on sale at a later date. May I have a refund on the difference?
A: No. Discounts are only valid during the time they are available. 

Q: I bought an item at a discount and it became further discounter later. May I have a refund on the difference?
A: No. Discounts are only valid during the time they are available.

Q: Another retailer is discounting a product. Will you price match?
A: No. We cannot price match other retailers.

Q: A retailer is selling a digital version of a game the Bioware Gear store sells. Will you price match?
A: No. We do not price match any other retailer.

Q: I have a discount code or promotion and its not working with another discount code or promotion.  Can I have both?
A: No. Promotions generally do not stack and should not stack.  

Q: Can I cancel my order and rebuy the items that are on sale?
A: You can. However, we cannot guarantee the items you want will be in stock when you go to re-purchase.