Dragon Age Cullen Plush

$33.00 USD


  • Cullen Rutherford Plush
    • Officially licensed Dragon Age Collectible
    • Created by Sanshee
  • Comes with a special Collector’s Card
  • Height: Approximately 10 in (25.4 cm)
  • This is a collector’s item made for ages 14+ and not a toy.


Black Kaddis Mabari Plush


When you need an inspiring leader to rally your soldiers, you can rely on the brave and wise Cullen Rutherford. A brilliant strategist on the battleground and the chess board, he is the Commander of the Inquisition’s army, standing up against all odds in matters of war and the heart.

Speaking of heart, has Cullen stolen yours? The Dragon Age Cullen Plush by Sanshee represents the cuddlier, more adorable side of him that you know and love. All his features are there, from the brown eyes, to the scar above the lip, to the upswept locks of blond hair. You can see the same cute style in the bits of armor peeking out from under his robe, the “fur” shawl over his shoulders, and the gold accents embellishing his earth-toned color palette.

He comes with a special collector’s card featuring an cute illustration of the plush, plus a brief overview of the character.

Put your cuddly Cullen on display and let him watch over your Dragon Age collection, sit him down behind a sturdy desk, or pick him up and hold him close when you need his company.


Dragon Age Video Game Merchandise

  • Collectible: Plush

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Dragon Age Cullen Plush

$33.00 USD


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$33.00 USD