Mass Effect - Hanar Hanger Plush

$13.00 USD


This one won’t tell you its soul name. But our best guess is “Enkindles joy wherever present,” or maybe even “Wonders if the criminal scum considers itself fortunate.”

We shrank this big stupid jellyfish just for you. Now you can bring your adorable alien friend around wherever you go.


  • Size: Approx. 5 x 4 in (12.7 x 10.16 cm)
  • Comes with hanger (self-closing hook)


This one is up for any adventure.

Going somewhere? Hang it on the rear view mirror of your SSV Normandy.

Got an infant? Put Blasto’s family-friendly films on and dangle this one over the baby’s crib.

More of a curator? Put it on display with your other collectibles.

On or off its hook, this one’s just happy to uh... hang out.

Your Mass Effect Hanging Hanar Plush features a soft interior and a sparkly exterior. It may not have a gun in every tentacle. But a lover in every port seems likely.

Rumor has it that it also has a dark past and a heart of platinum. But we think that’s just Hanar poetry.


  • Mass Effect collectible decor: hanging plushie
  • Created by Sanshee


Mass Effect - Hanar Hanger Plush

$13.00 USD


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$13.00 USD