Mass Effect Medal of Good Conduct

$26.00 USD

Sticking to your guns in the midst of the war is a huge challenge to everything you stand for. Your compassionate traits and heroic actions should be rewarded soldier.

Check out this beautifully crafted Mass Effect Medal of Good Conduct. Be proud, you deserve it Paragon.


  • Medal Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Ribbon Material: Polyester
  • Display Box Material: 
    • 120g black paper
    • 2.5mm grey board
    • Silver foil logo
    • Matte lamination
    • magnetic closure
  • Soft enamel pin


  • Medal: 2” W x 2.08” H x 0.18” thick (5.08 cm W x 5.28 cm H x 0.45 cm thick)
  • Medal Ribbon: 1.77” W x 2.75” H (4.5 cm W x 7 cm H)

Only a few have chosen the virtuous path

Rack up your charm points with the Mass Effect Medal of Good Conduct.

The distinct light blue color stands out to represent the virtuous Paragon, serving as the backdrop of the item and the ribbon’s dominant motif. The medal is then embossed with the intricate Paragon seal made out of Zinc Alloy.

It comes in an elegantly-made box with a matte finish and a glossy Mass Effect logo, where you can put the medal on display.

Hands off the medal you say? Secure the box against the hands of the ruthless renegades with its magnetic closure.

Want to display your bravery, camaraderie, and heroism? You can also wear it proudly with its soft enamel pin.

This one looks good on you Captain! Wear it with honor or put in on display with some of the wide array of Mass Effect Collection available in the store.

    Mass Effect Medal of Good Conduct

    $26.00 USD

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    $26.00 USD