N7 Pint Glass

$20.00 USD

Serve your favorite drinks the N7 way with your Mass Effect N7 Pint Glass.


  • Clear conical pint glass
  • Branded with an N7 logo artwork / pattern
  • Capacity: 16 ounces (473 mL)
  • Microwave safe with non-metallic imprint
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended


Pick your poison and pour a pint into this no nonsense drinkware. 

Sturdy, simple and straightforward, this cone-shaped glass belongs as a staple in your kitchen cupboard.

Get one for yourself or a few to share with guests when they come over.

Its conical shape makes it easy to hold, even for your three-fingered Turian and Salarian friends. And its N7 design makes it worthy of display.

Take your gulps with ease with its wide mouth. This also makes it ideal for dropping ice in, if that's your style.

Just be wary of anyone offering you a ‘Mystery Drink.’ We heard it makes you hear things.

With its thick base and walls, this durable glassware is very easy to maintain. We recommend cleaning by hand, and then putting it on display until your next use. 


  • Mass Effect barware: Pint Glass
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.
  • Made in the USA

N7 Pint Glass

$20.00 USD

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$20.00 USD