N7 Tankard Glass Stein

$20.00 USD

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If you’re sick of all those tiny glasses in the watering holes of Citadel Space, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Enjoy your favorite drinks with the Mass Effect N7 Tankard Glass Stein!


  • Design
    • All black N7 logo printed on one side
    • Rounded handle for comfortable handling and smooth, easy sipping
    • Thick base with intricate flowering mold
    • Clear glass
  • Capacity: 16 oz (473.18 mL)
  • Height: 6.125 in (15.56 cm)
  • Diameter 3.125 in (7.94 cm)
  • Top-rack residential dishwasher safe


Fetch the Mindfish and a Full Biotic Kick! If you’re in a big mood to party (or to drink heroic amounts of coffee or tea), you need a mug that’s up to the task.

This stylish piece of glassware is a modern take on the classic tankard stein. Bearing an all-black N7 logo on one side, it’s the perfect way to add a geeky little flair to any special occasion.

The entire mug is made of durable glass with a thick and heavy base that prevents it from tipping over. This bottom also features an ornate, flower-like mold.

The tall design gives you lots of space for a thick head of foam, or up to 16 oz of your favorite drink. And the large c-shaped handle makes it easy to carry and keeps the heat of your hand away from cold drinks.

Get one (or a few) for yourself or the Mass Effect fans in your life.


  • Mass Effect Home & Office: Beer and Cocktail Glass
  • Created by Development Plus, Inc.

N7 Tankard Glass Stein

$20.00 USD

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$20.00 USD