BioWare Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate BioWare Holiday Gift Guide! Here you can find a roundup of the best Christmas gifts for everyone on your list this season at the price you’re looking for.

No matter your budget, we've got gift ideas for you. Check out a great selection of gifts under $100, $50, $20 & $10!! 

Don't get caught in the cold though - shipping deadlines are quickly approaching. So, order now and beat the shipping rush!

Here are a few of the Gear Store staffs favorite gift ideas...

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lunch Box

Open a treasure trove of legendary finds - including a lunch box, a tumbler, a patch, a pin, a set of stickers, and 3 lithographs - with your Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lunch Box Bundle.

N7 Car Emblem

Dress your car up with the style and prestige of the N7 logo. This small but eye-catching little embellishment brings to life a badge of honor that you can now proudly display.

This 3-dimensional accessory is made even more realistic by its chrome and gun metal plating—capturing the elegance of the symbol as it appears in the Mass Effect games.

What part of your car do you think it would look best on?


Mass Effect N7 Special Ops Team Banner

Honor and celebrate the greatest squad to ever roam the galaxy with your N7 Special Ops Team Banner

Put it on prominent display. It’s hard not to, really. Given its large footprint, it adds an air of prestige and commands attention anywhere you place it.

It bears the renowned N7 Special Ops logo and motif, including the iconic red and white stripes.


Mass Effect Paragon Renegade Mash Up Hoodie

Two sides, same Shepard. Your virtuous and rebel colors come together in the accents of this thoughtfully detailed black hoodie.

Finding a balance between order and chaos can sometimes be a challenge. But with the Paragon Renegade Mash-Up Hoodie, you get an even split—right down the middle!

Although this custom hoodie is mostly black, you can find Commander Shepard’s ambiguous morality in several eye-catching details.


Mass Effect Gift Wrap Tissue Paper 


The joy of receiving presents starts with opening them. But if your gift wrap looks this good, then the fun starts the moment your gift is seen!

Get creative with these charming gift wrap tissues! They’re an easy way to make presents look instantly more presentable and attractive.

They come in a classy black color with a white Mass Effect logo pattern. 

Use them to wrap or embellish your presents. Or make even a plain gift bag look so much more stylish and exciting. Bonus points if your gifts are Mass Effect gear.


Mass Effect Holiday Car Box Set


Send Shepard and Tali on a mission to wish your friends and family Happy Holidays!

The human holiday season may not be celebrated all over the Milky Way, but everyone - be they human, alien, Reaper, AI, and even big stupid jellyfish - can appreciate love and warm wishes.

This season of giving, get yourself a boxful of delight to share with those you care about.

The Mass Effect Holiday Card Box Set features Shepard and Tali enjoying their presents—a heartwarming scene with an icy blue background. This artwork is rendered in an adorable 3D style.


Mass Effect Magnet Set

Set up a little gallery of Mass Effect artworks with this attractive little set.

Personalize your locker, categorize your filing drawers, or decorate your fridge with the Mass Effect Magnet Set.

This small collection of miniature artworks includes 4 select scenes from the trilogy—featuring the series’ protagonist Commander Shepard, Cerberus’ Illusive Man, and a lovely view of the Citadel’s cityscape.

Each piece is made of a magnetic base, a full color print, and a thick acrylic top. The latter enhances and protects the prints, and preserves their color and details.


Mass Effect N7 Holiday Shirt

Know any Christmas carols, Commander? Maybe Mordin can teach you some. ’Tis the season to be cozy in your Mass Effect N7 Holiday Tee!

Hang your stockings, baubles and twinkle lights. Send your favorite Reaper a sweet greeting card. And settle into a happy and festive mood.

You’re the captain of the jolliest ship in the galaxy, when you don your N7 Holiday Tee!

Its front features a huge print that’s inspired by the Christmas sweater. The game’s in-world symbols and signature red and white stripes are arranged into a decidedly cheery - and some would say, silly - design.

Wear it this holiday season to lift everyone’s spirits aboard the Normandy. It’s also a great gift for your crew. We can already imagine the group pictures.


Dragon Age Inquisition Holiday Top

Deck the halls of Skyhold. Fill your Joining Chalice with eggnog. And take a break from demons, dragons, and dangerous magic. Celebrate the season in your Dragon Age Inquisition Holiday Tee!

The world of Thedas may be mired in chaos. But there’s always time for a little yuletide cheer!

Celebrate the season with this fun - and some would say, silly - holiday tee! Inspired by traditional Christmas sweaters, this shirt offers a jolly twist to Dragon Age symbols.

The Inquisition’s insignia takes the limelight at the center of the design and is joined by a pattern of snowflakes, Christmas trees and more Dragon Age motifs.

Wear it at the dinner table, under the mistletoe, or in the Fade. You can also wrap it up or stuff it into a Christmas stocking to surprise and delight the Dragon Age fan in your life.


Dragon Age Kirkwall Hoodie

Wear the proud knotwork of Kirkwall with your Dragon Age Kirkwall Hoodie.

Kirkwall, prized for its wealth of jet stone and stranglehold on sea traffic, is home to Hawke, the hero of Dragon Age II.

Represent the home of the Champion with this stylish hoodie.

The small print on the front keeps it low key in grey, while the large print on the back shimmers with metallic gold ink embellishments.

This intricate city crest traces its roots to the Old Tevinter heraldry. A rich history of blights, invasion, rebellion, and liberation has turned it into the beautiful knotwork dragon we know today.

Aside from its looks, this hoodie has more to offer. The fabric’s cotton and polyester blend keeps it soft and lightweight.

Layer it over your outfits to make them extra cozy and just the right amount of geeky.


Dragon Age Cast of Thousands Puzzle

Reacquaint yourself with each budding romance, snarky companion, or menacing miscreant in this jam-packed 1,000-piece puzzle.

The rich world of Dragon Age is home to a diverse cast of characters who reflect the culture, history, and conflicts that have shaped Thedas and your experience of the game. Every face has a story to tell.

Can you spot your favorite? Piece it all together in this large and beautiful puzzle.

Here you’ll find all sorts of creed and race. Humans, Qunari, Elves, Dwarves, Fex, Kossith, Darkspawn, Firesprites, and Scaled Ones...friend, foe and everyone in between.

Merchants, heroes, magisters, heretics, apostates, and more all form the fabric a complex and captivating story that you can fondly recall with every piece you put into place.

Spend a peaceful but challenging time with these beloved (or reviled) characters, brought to life by the gorgeous art of Nick Thornborrow.

When completed, the puzzle measures a whopping 27 inches wide and 20 inches tall. Will you put yours back in the box, or in a picture frame?

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