Get Answers With GearBot!

Get Answers with Gear Bot

You come to us for the best Bioware gear, so it only makes sense that you should expect the best shopping experience too. To improve our customer service times and to get your most commonly asked questions answered quickly, we’ve added a helpful new feature to our site that we're excited to share with you. 

Introducing GearBot!

What is GearBot, and How Does it Work?

GearBot is an AI-powered customer service bot designed to answer many of your most commonly asked questions.

  • Can’t find your tracking number?
  • Need a status update on an order?
  • Have questions about a return or refund?
  • Want to know how gear rewards work?

GearBot can help answer these questions along with a handful of others that our Customer Service team sees on a daily basis. We created this tool so you can get the answers you need immediately without ever having to wait in a Customer Service queue. 

GearBot’s ability to handle multiple inquiries and answer your commonly asked questions helps improve our Customer Service response time for questions requiring a more personalized approach. 

What it Can Do… and What it Can’t.

We wish we could tell you that, no matter your question or issue, GearBot can handle it all, but it does have some limitations. 

Once you open the GearBot dialog box, conveniently located on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, you’ll be presented with a list of our most commonly asked questions. After you’ve made your selection, GearBot will help lead the conversation in order to get you the answer you need as quickly as possible. Additionally, you can type in your own question, and GearBot will consult its database for suitable responses.

Unfortunately, there will be times when GearBot will not be able to help you with a particular issue or question. If this does end up happening to you, we ask that you please be patient as GearBot is still learning and growing. GearBot will continue to improve over time as we provide it with more data, meaning it will get better at understanding and answering your questions. 

If GearBot is unable to answer your question, it can help you open a Customer Service ticket, or you can hop on over to the Customer Service Portal to begin one yourself. 

GearBot is live and ready to answer your questions today.

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