Featured Artist Series: Fusing Fantasy and Pop Art with Andrew Thompson

We are delighted to introduce you to Andrew Thompson, a talented illustrator who has recently joined the BioWare team as a contributor. Andrew, who goes by the moniker SchmandrewART, is known for his distinctive art style that seamlessly blends elements of pop art and fantasy. His visually-arresting illustrations shock the senses with bold colors and dynamic movement, creating a unique aesthetic he aptly calls "Fantasy Pop." Combining these seemingly disparate styles results in transportive illustrations that capture the imagination.

Andrew's passion for the arts has led him to explore various creative avenues, including working as a graphic designer for Reebok, designing art for board games, contributing to a California gallery, and selling his work at comic and gaming conventions.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Andrew started creating personal work instead of selling fan art. Through this shift in focus, Andrew found a way to express himself during challenging times, and his art became a medium for emotional release.

The combination of pop art and fantasy does not produce an incongruous clash, as many might expect. In fact, when taking inspiration from pop art, Andrew’s use of bold hues and restricted color palette proves to be an effective vehicle for showcasing fantasy characters.

For instance, one standout example of Andrew's work is his stunning depiction of Magic: The Gathering's Chandra Nalaar. His masterful use of graphic shapes to depict dynamic movement, coupled with vivid hues of red, orange, and green, dramatically conveys the pyromancer’s blazing and unforgiving fury. Andrew’s work effectively demonstrates that pop art is well suited for fantasy art with its ability to depict superhuman characters and their larger-than-life qualities.

We look forward to seeing more of Andrew's breathtaking illustrations and are excited to see where his career takes him. View Andrew’s latest lithograph piece – Mass Effect At The Core Lithograph.  

Stay tuned for upcoming artists in our Featured Artists Series!

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